Cheer Up!

We’ve all had one of those Daniel Powter ‘Ya Had A Bad Day’ days…. but we all CAN climb up out of the dumps. We may not all climb up the same ladder to rise up out of our gloom…but all of us can find a way to build some steps out of whatever is weighing us down.

I do a good job (I’m told) of masking over my woes. ….a trait I’m pretty glad I have as I’d rather spread joy than gloom anyway. But…I have to be honest. There are some things I’ve got going on in my world that …if I don’t renew my mind…and get my focus right on track… they can really get on my nerves! …like the bricks that cover my home. I’ve always despised brown brick. It is just boring…and is hard for me to decorate around. So…when I walked outside to find that my littlest chicklet had cutified them…well, I had to giggle! And…now…I’m thinking about encouraging her to finish the whole wall! Why not? I mean…who cares?! I sure don’t! I like a little color… Who am I kidding? I like LOTS of color…

Just LOOK at me… Before meeting Chef Patric Bell in person the other day… I just HAD to send him a little pic of me in his favorite color… yellow. This pom pom is the first thing I could find…and I found it by tripping over it in my stairwell…one very cluttered stairwell. …cluttered with folded laundry, kids school papers, framed art waiting to be hung up….you name it. It collects there. But yay! I was looking for a way to send a little cheer across the cyber waves…and there it was! So…of course…I tweeted him the picture. He had to adore me already…right?! …and just like that…all my frustration I was feeling with my cluttered home…was like POOF! GONE! Yellow is a nice, uplifting color… hehe!

Oh look…. There are those boring brown bricks again. ….right behind those adorable children! Yes… how could I ever stay down in the dumps when I have these three cheerful, fun, creative, loving children?? And…why are they smiling in front of those boring bricks with their arms wide open? Well…that was a BIG day for us. After five long months of living here with no grass…just hard, red clay…we got sod! …and they had just gotten home from school and were over-joyed to see the surprise of green COLOR. So yes…again… Color brings JOY!

And then there are people that inspire me…that help keep me grounded…that remind me that no matter what…I am loved and always have been. I have a box full of letters from my grandmother. We were very close and shared our lives with each other through letters and phone calls all my adult life. She’s looking down on me now…all happy in heaven with my grandfather. And…that is a happy thought for me. When I’m feeling like my work load is too large and all woe is me like….I remember my grandmother…and how selfless she was. I have never met another person to top her generosity of time. Just remembering her and all she did during her life for everyone she came in contact with …and for me… is therapy enough for me to get up and get back to work! …with a little more pep in my step. …and look closely at her letter to me in the picture above. She was dotting her messages with smileys long before texting and the whole cyber world of messaging. Gotta love that! ūüôā

And…then there are FRIENDS! Friends that know just the right time to call. Friends that know just the right day to treat ya to lunch. Friends that reserve tables in the very very back of one of your favorite eateries….just to be sure to create the perfect environment for ‘fixing’ the messes that have popped up. So…friends, no matter what you may be going through…I hope you all can find a little color to focus on for a minute…and if not…well, then… CREATE SOME COLOR IN YOUR LIFE! It really is true… in the long run… The good things DO out-weigh the bad. Keep on the sunny side!
And…how ironic…that on the day after a really down day…when I needed a pick-me-up… I sat down to good old-fashioned friend therapy…in front of a sign on the wall next to our special ‘secret’ table …that says: Cheer Up! Isn’t it ironic…don’t ‘cha think?!

I love my life!


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Our minds are a powerful thing. ¬†What we think, we become…and it has lots to do with our imagination. ¬†What we imagine ourselves accomplishing leads to what we actually end up doing. ¬†“Before things are manifested on the outside…they have to be conceived on the inside. ¬†That’s imagination.” ~Andrew Wommack

I love looking through pictures from the past. ¬†I’ve been known to snap lots of pictures of friends, my kids, …people I meet along the road on my sales adventures… Looking back through these pictures reminds me of how much God has blessed me. ¬†Imagination isn’t just for kids….ya know. We use our imagination as adults in many ways…from the way we plan out our day, decorate our homes, plan our meals and parties, the way we remember experiences. ¬†We all have an imagination. ¬†If we choose to focus on and ‘imagine’ negative thoughts…then we become pessimists and miss out on blessings. ¬†Personal experiences and what people say about you to you…can form a negative imagination of yourself. ¬†If you see yourself unable to accomplish things…your imagination will hinder you from the life you are meant to live. ¬†You may even imagine someone to be completely different than they really are…and in turn demolish a healthy relationship. ¬†So… Imagine the best about people and do not worry! ¬†Worry is another form of a negative imagination. ¬†Imagine yourself the way your heavenly Father sees you…and then there will be a perfect peace within you. ¬†SEE yourself happy, well, successful, LOVED. ¬†Use your imagination properly! ¬† ¬†Focus on HEART kinda things. ¬†….the things of LOVE. ¬†…the things our creator meant for us to focus on. ¬†…to glorify Him! ¬†The rest…well, it’ll diminish …covered by your happy dust. ¬†Remembering the things God has done …and being thankful to God are the proper ways to use your IMAGINATION.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about imagination! Connect with me on a more personal level at

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Make Me a Legend

Well…it’s another Monday! ¬†Enjoy a little snippet of inspiration to get your week started.

Just as with most things, legends are not born – they are created! ¬†Legends are not accidents – they are accomplishments. ¬†Legends don’t usually enter this world with a silver spoon in their mouth or some other kind of ¬†‘unfair’ advantage. ¬†Legendary people are gradually forged in the fires of challenge and experience. ¬†They leverage everything and make the most of seasons and moments, extracting wisdom and a skill from every good and bad happenstance. ¬†You’ll never find legends burning up their days grumbling over how life is happening to them. ¬†No way! ¬†Legends harness greatness for the perfect causes in the perfect moments, to create large and lasting change for many. ¬†There is a great need for LEGENDS. ~from the book… ‘Make Me A Legend’ by, Chuck Balsamo

Let’s ‘make the most of seasons and moments, & extract wisdom and skill from every good and bad happenstance…and not spend a day of this new week grumbling over how life is happening to us….and CREATE large and lasting change for many!’ ¬† ¬†Happy Clean Slate Day, friends!

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Chapter One-Purpose

Like Scarlett O’Hara standing in her burned mansion…where her home…her heart once lived.¬† I too find myself in ruins-not quite demolition…but a yearning to simplify my life so I¬†can¬†focus more on my purpose.¬† Everything I’ve built around me…all the pretty things…that I feel once defined me…now seem so insignificant.¬† I am beginning a new phase…finding my purpose and I know it involves my grandmother I never knew.¬† And so, today I begin…Reviving Margaret.

A good story has to have a good beginning…and I am on a mission now to uncover Margaret’s beginning.¬† For one to have been born and live and die and never be spoken of again…especially to have lived -at least in the physical -such a short life…is a tragedy.¬† I believe every life is a story.¬† We are all, as my friend Patty once told me – a link in the chain for the people God places in our path.¬† And for me to have carried with me since a young age, a desperate desire to uncover the secrets of Margaret’s life- I know this is part of my purpose…to be the link that closes the chain – the story of Margaret and the impact her story has had on my life – and when I’m finally able to decipher it all ~I hope this story will give healing, hope, happiness, closure, and an awakening of a relationship between my daddy and his dreams ~that always seem to be on hold.

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Reviving Margaret

Margaret and Gertrude

This is where the book begins….
Gonna use this blog to start writing my book. It just *has* to be written… Join me on the journey!

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