Finding Grace Over Spilled Milk


The kitchen floor had just been freshly mopped clean of a weeks’ worth of crumbs, dog hair, dirt…. and this happened …at 11pm. I kicked into off-my-rocker mode screaming at my middle child….. and then while cleaning up the milk and fruit loops from the counter, the inside of the kitchen utensils drawer, and the floor….a feeling of peace came over me. My screams and impatient feelings quickly turned to feelings of gratitude and love and we ended up hugging and talking about God’s grace through His son, Jesus. I think God just loves to add spilled milk to our perfect days every now and then to bring us back to CENTER. My middle child is 13 now and one day not too far from now…I bet I’ll remember all his spills and breaks and ooopsies …and I’ll smile knowing I shared my faith with him …and I pray he remembers it!  ….and really…it IS just milk on the floor. 

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Smith Brothers Grand Opening – Savannah, Georgia


Savannah friends,

Don’t miss the Grand Opening celebration at Smith Brothers Butcher Shop on East Liberty Street! I’ll be there Thursday, May 28, 4:30-7:00 sharing nibbles of my pickled veggies and my new cheese spreads, ‘Hot Mess’ and ‘Southern Charm’ pimento cheese. 

I’m looking forward to chatting with all of you!                                                          

Your Friend with PHUN benefits,



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How was your day, Honey?


I had a little surgery last week…which has led to a longer recovery time than I expected. It’s nothing to worry about, friends. It’s just not fun to be lying around while life goes on without me. Heck! I’m missing the Willie Nelson concert tonight at the Georgia Theatre…but it’s true. Things have a way of working out for good! My husband’s gonna take his daddy to the concert…which will be really nice for them. They haven’t had time like that together in a long time. The last time I saw Willie Nelson in concert, I went up to the stage at the end to get Willie’s autograph and instead… Willie reached down from the stage, picked me up, kissed me…then put me down. Then he gave me a crazy look.. you know, an ‘I gotta kiss you now!’ look. And he picked me up and kissed me again. I didn’t get his autograph…just a WET WILLIE! …kinda gross but AWESOME!

And if anyone deserves a night out, it’s my husband. Yesterday, I asked him: “How was your day, Honey?” …and I actually got out a notepad to document it. You see… while I’m recovering from the surgery, he’s doing all the things I normally do to keep our family life going + he’s doing all the things he normally does for our family business too. Here’s what he said:

I got up, tried to crank the van…but didn’t have enough gas, took the trash and recycling to the curb, then drove Rosey and Billups in the other car to school, picked up quart sized jars from the store, then went back home to pick up Kat, drove Kat to school, went to the pickle facility (our family business,) Janet (our employee) said we needed garlic, more jars, “everything!’, I labeled five cases of pickles, loaded them into the car, delivered the pickles to a store in Lilburn, then drove to Atlanta to get 50 cases of jars, then I went to pick up 2 boxes of beans, 1 box of dill weed, some blueberries, and carrots, I shoved all that in the car with the jars, then drove back to Athens. I stopped by Sam’s and picked up a container of peeled garlic and a TV, then went to the pickle facility, unloaded produce and jars, took the blueberries to the house, then grabbed an Arby’s coupon and ate at Arby’s before picking up Billups and Rosey from school, Took Billups to the YMCA, then Rosey and I went to Hilltop Grille to pick up payment for pickles, then we went back to Sam’s because I forgot vinegar, We got gas at Sam’s too, took vinegar to the pickle facility, then picked up Kat from school at 4:30, then drove out to the bank in Madison County to make a deposit, then dropped Kat off at CVS to get hair color and nail polish, then picked up Billups from the YMCA, then picked up Kat from CVS, then picked up pizza to take home.
See why I got out the notepad? Phew!

I guess what this post is about is… I am feeling grateful. On top of all that…he has also been doing all the home-cooking and playing with the kids. Last night…it was a ping pong tournament… Sunday, he made a balancing beam in our front yard for Rosey. I hope our kids know how fortunate they are to have a daddy that plays with them…especially in spite of his crazy schedule. For me…today will be another day of social media. The good things that’ve come out of this dang recovery time are that I’m appreciating my husband a lot more and he’s hopefully seeing how much I usually do for our family ….and with nothing else for me to do but network …I’ve managed to make a lot of new potential customers for our pickles!
Yes, lying around isn’t fun…but I’ve found that when I look for the silver lining, I find it! Don’t magnify the bad—instead magnify the GOOD! The more we talk about good, the larger good becomes. So friends, let’s be positive in our thoughts, moods, words, actions, and how we see others. A tiny part of my mind goes to thinking that maybe my husband’s getting tired of me being in recovery….but if I let my mind stay there…I would be depressed. Instead, I’m focusing on the good things…about how blessed I am to have a husband who has given me so much grace this past week.

20130130-115521.jpgLet the redeemed of The Lord say so, whom He has delivered from the hand of the adversary. ~Psalm 107:2 So…. How was your day, friends?

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If you need a giggle today….watch this video….from my home! HAPPINESS :)

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A Bit Of Inspiration


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Open Your Heart


I’ve done some pretty seemingly crazy things ….spontaneously…without using my brain …only my heart. I’m sure we all have…. Like the time I gave a homeless lady the shoes I was wearing …on my way to lunch with friends. I felt crazy …afterwards …walking into the shoe store barefooted. Noone was there to see that good deed… I got no prize. In fact, the new shoes I purchased to replace the ones I gave away were cheap and ugly and the only walking shoes I had for a decade there after. And that cold, homeless lady snapped at me and made me cry. …which made my toddler daughter in the back seat of my car cry too. haha! Where I’m going with this is: Our faithful daddy in heaven sees all our good deeds and He promises that when we give, we will be given to — “in good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over: ~Luke 6:38. This is also true for the LOVE we give others. I believe the love we give …even if it isn’t received the way we wish it would be at the time… will come back to us. So… don’t give up on people. …and give God the glory for your victories. That’s what this whole life thing is about. I love this quote for today: “Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” ~Robert Heinlein

So…. Open the door to your hearts, friends. ….or at least wear your heart well…like the welcome basket that hangs on my friend Meg’s door in the picture above.


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Rape Really Screws Up Truly Living

I was fourteen. I’d never even kissed a boy. I was afraid of not getting home in time for my curfew. So…I got in the car with a guy that was headed back home to the area where I lived and he raped me. The events to follow after that night led me into a life of trying to win the love and trust of my father and finally realizing that would never happen and then ….to just pretending the rape never happened…but it did.

The effects of sexual assault are long lasting and ongoing. Many survivors never tell their stories until many years later after the assault. I know this truth firsthand and the effects of living with the shame and insecurity that follow a rape. I walked away and never got any form of counseling which resulted in some of the unhealthy relationships in my past. This Thursday, June 14th 6:30-9pm …I will be one of the many vendors setting up at the historical Taylor-Grady House in Athens, GA. Kathryn Keith Sims has been hard at work getting vendors for this event she’s calling: A Classic City Evening Of Shopping And Giving. A portion of the nights’ proceeds will benefit the Piedmont Rape Crisis Center which uses a holistic model that encourages survivors of sexual assault to find their best path to healing. I’m attaching the event flyer with the details and hope to see many of my friends there. I’ll be on the porch! Come say hello!

Bring your friends and your pockets full of money! The items I’ve been seeing that will be in the silent auction are awesome! Also…there will be a cash bar provided by Trumps Catering. Yay!

Sexual Assault is a crime…a crime about power and control. Let’s stop it now!

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