Patience Is A Must-Have

Have you been experiencing challenges…little weighty words said by others…rocks in life that have left your praying knees scraped up? Well…you’re not alone.

Be happy…anyway. For a rough spat in life is like potting soil for patience. Sit in your circumstance for a bit…and let your patience take root. Eventually….with faith, your patience will push up through the muck and feel the warmth of the light and sprout and bloom! And then…your innerds will be ready to face the stuff happening on the outside. If you want to know what God wants you to do, just ask Him. And remember…nothing in life is wasted. Every experience is one for learning…for growing….for enlightening….for glorifying.

I often forget who’s really in charge. I try to analyze and figure out how I can fix what’s broken. Day by day…I am getting better at just being still and practicing patience. It’s been said that patience is a virtue. I say it is a must-have! Without patience, marriages crumble…teachers can’t have a positive impact on their students, children’s spirits are broken….and without patience…the proper time needed for a person to change isn’t allowed. And for all who say people can’t change. I believe differently. When going through difficult times…if we open our eyes to what’s really at the root of it all…what God wants to say…we allow Him to rearrange the stage…and the scene of life plays out divinely. I’d rather be the link that holds souls together than the one who refuses to patiently wait, pray, and believe…and end up making a mess of the work God is busy with. So… here I am, Lord. Use me up! I’m sure there’s someone in my life He’s using to work on me too….and that is just fine. I get those God Winks all the time.

20120427-084223.jpgStole this pic from a friend’s facebook…I just loved it!
“Of all powers, love is the most powerful because it alone can conquer that final and most impregnable stronghold which is the human heart.” ~Frederick Buechner

And…while it is unrealistic to never face people and circumstances and deal with stress and experience grief, anxiety, loss, and pain… we CAN be patient and target those not-so-fun areas of our lives with LOVE. …and like the Wilson Phillips song goes… Hold On For One More Day!

20120427-084833.jpgLove IS Patient!

About Angietillman

Free spirited southern gal... owner of a gourmet pickle company in Athens, GA. Wife and mother of 3... I love writing, cooking, entertaining, traveling, and enlightening books & conversations. Finding my purpose little by little every day... Hoping to leave a legacy of love & grace by a full circle kinda life. "Don't make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can't take their eyes off you." ~Maya Angelou
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4 Responses to Patience Is A Must-Have

  1. mariewikle says:

    Everything we do, experience and go through brings growth. we may not always like it, enjoy it or even see the benefits from it, but its there.

    thank you for sharing your patience with me




  2. Nice work as always, Angie. When you lift weights, the greatest return is from lifting AFTER your muscles start to tremble. God’s patience cauldron is that for me, learning to lift when it’s the hardest but where there’s the most return.


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